Features for staff (Front-end)

CUKCUK gives your staff excellent features to enhance their performances, and to manage their workflows

nghiệp vụ bán hàng
nghiệp vụ bán hàng
nghiệp vụ bán hàng
nghiệp vụ bán hàng
nghiệp vụ bán hàng
nghiệp vụ bán hàng
nghiệp vụ bán hàng
nghiệp vụ bán hàng
Nhân viên ghi nhận đặt chỗ
Features for receptionist
Monitor all the reservations and customers’ requests.
  • Quickly check empty table for reservation request.
  • Reserve menu items and take deposit.
  • Easily modify reservations.
  • Be active in managing reservation schedule
Nhân viên phục vụ
Features for server
Quickly and accurately manage order.
  • Using phones/tablets to display menu item pictures with description, and take order easier and quicker.
  • At table-side, server immediately send order to kitchen/bar.
  • Monitor order status anytime, anywhere.
  • Check served items which customers have used before cashier proceeds payment.
Nhân viên bếp/ bar
Features for kitchen
Manage incoming tickets more effectively with kitchen display system (KDS).
  • Immediately receive incoming tickets.
  • Easy to control and keep track of tickets on Kitchen display Screen.
  • Review detailed tickets: name, quantity, cooking instructions, etc.
  • Easy to notify completed items and out of ingredients/dishes directly to servers.
  • Servers view on smart TV screen to deliver completed items to correct table.
Features for cashier
Process payment fast and accurately
Support multiple payment methods
  • Easily know check-out request with color-code order.
  • Automatically apply different charges: tax, service charge, discount, and voucher, etc.
  • Support multiple payment methods: cash, credit, debit, e-wallet…
  • Manage cash in hand during shifts to avoid losing money
Thu ngân tính tiền
Features for owner (back-end)
Manage and operate restaurant effectively anytime, anywhere
  • Instantly review real-time reports on all mobile devices through the cloud.
  • Over 40 statistic and analyzed reports help owner manage restaurants’ activities: sales, profits, number of customers, etc.
  • Keep track of activities in real-time: waiter takes order, cashier processes payment.
  • Assist owner to manage the back office: customize menu, floor plan, and promotion, create staff profiles, track inventory and liabilities, manage money, and more.
Manage purchase of products and raw materials
Spend less than 10 minutes a day to review and identify types and quantities of products need to be purchased. CUKCUK helps owner to manage status of purchase and liabilities need to be paid to each supplier.
chủ nhà hàng
Manage inventory
CUKCUK helps owner to manage the status of export, import, and inventory to plan out to buy raw material at appropriate time and manner. CUKCUK helps you avoid interrupted sale due to out of stock or over buy raw material that are slow selling products.
chủ nhà hàng
Customize promotion programs
Create flexible discounts with the ability to offer: Buy X get Y, item specific, percentage- based discount and many more. Automatically applying different discounts and charges into each receipt helps cashier process payment faster and more accurate.
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Handle money transactions
Owner can monitor and secure all transactions by cash, credit, voucher, etc. from different sources: customers, suppliers, authority, etc. Owner actively manage money in advance for any business situation.
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Manage liabilities
You can easily monitor, calculate and compare detailed outstanding balance from each customer, each supplier based on each transaction.
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Customize menu
Quickly modify categories & menu items with full screen images and descriptions. Owner can customize and set items based on ingredients, operational hours, common items, favorite items, etc. You quickly add items or prices into menu anytime with your phone or tablet
chủ nhà hàng
Build your staff profile
Create/review general information and hours of work for each staff. You can set permission and job’s duties for each employee with easy-to-assign access level.
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