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Liquor- the cost and the profit

Nowadays, many restaurants open bar counter or serve more drink style to generate more revenue. So to understand and to analysis throughout the liquor...

A restaurant soft opening is essential for a brand new restaurant.

You don’t know if your restaurant is ready for operating until you know you can handle the service and the quality of dishes.  The...

5 brilliant restaurant hacks – 5 ways to save money

Every day, as an owner, you always think on how to save money but still provide quality food and service to your customers. Those...

How using cloud based technology to replace old tableside ordering and...

Taking order at tableside and processing payment for checkout are all crucial parts of how the restaurant operates. Every day, people try to find...

How to manage a restaurant: guideline of steps for restaurant owners/managers

Being a restaurant manager/owner, you probably know there are millions of things need to be under control ranging from customer, staff, inventory, and so...

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