Knowledge How to manage a restaurant: guideline of steps for restaurant owners/managers

How to manage a restaurant: guideline of steps for restaurant owners/managers

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Being a restaurant manager/owner, you probably know there are millions of things need to be under control ranging from customer, staff, inventory, and so on. In the article, we provide you some information and guidance to help you manage and grow your restaurant.
Let’s jump in.

Customer is your first and top priority
You should follow 2 crucial rules:
– The customer is always right
– In case the customer is wrong, refer to rule number 1
That’s the way it is, no explanation need to present.
I understand there are cases which customer’s fault is 100% and your staff want to punch them in the face. When these scenarios occurs, take a deep breath, manage yourself into listen to everything that the customer has to say and apologize to patch things up even though it was not your fault.

Well training program

Your wait staff are the warriors to fight your battles of the restaurant’s front-end. Finding a proper and effective training methods for your staff is a must. You have to interview and supervise your staff closely to understand them more. From that, you will able to find the best and suitable programs that you might think be idea for the staff.

Use sales techniques
Have you heard about the “Sullivan Nod”? This skill guarantees to work 60% of the time on your customers. Here is how it goes:
– Keep your smile up and head nod while offering a customer a list of options. You do these steps with one of those options. It will increase the likelihood that customer will select the option covered with this nonverbal gesture. Here is the example:

Customer: I’d like a vodka/tonic please.
Server: Would you like to try Stolichnaya (nod) or Absolut (nod) in that, sir?
Customer: (mesmerized) Sure. Put em both in there!

Learn from your mistake

We are all human, sometimes we make mistakes. It is consider to be ok if you make sure to never repeat the same mistake over again as the mistake affects the restaurant greatly over time.

Be inspired
Find a great story or good example of a restaurant service and share with your team. Ask your team to see what we can learn from that, how we can implement those service, and when we need to start.

Make a list
Create a daily to-do list, strictly follow it no matter what excuses are.

A suitable POS system
A restaurant management software is a powerful tool to assist your staff every step of the way. It will easily help restaurant owner to manage and keep track of your restaurant’s day to day operations.